Six Flags Great America Possibly Retheming Vertical Velocity to Flash.

Recently, Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois has closed their launched shuttle coaster Vertical Velocity for the season. According to Screamscape, the following sign has been placed at the entrance to the attraction:

Photo by Screamscape

This is most certainly no coincidence, since a similar roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom received the same retheme just recently. In 2019, V2: Vertical Velocity was renamed and rethemed to Flash: Vertical Velocity. The coaster received an all new red and yellow paint job to go along with the famous DC Comics character The Flash.

Photo by Six Flags

This is likely an attempt to incorporate more superhero IPs into the Six Flags chain. Nevertheless, I love a good launch coaster, so no matter what paint job it has, I’m down to ride it.