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Dollywood Announces $25 Million Roller Coaster Big Bear Mountain

Dollywood’s coaster lineup is about to get even bigger.

Today, park officials announced a massive new roller coaster named Bear Mountain. Built by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma, this large family roller coaster will feature three magnetic launches and on-board audio.

In a press release, Dollywood said the following:

“It’s almost time to venture into the Smokies for an unforgettable adventure aboard Dollywood’s largest attraction. Ned Oakley, Wildwood Grove’s resident wilderness explorer, knows a thing or two about this hidden land and is setting up the Adventure Outpost Base Camp, located just a stone’s throw away from the Grove’s Hidden Hollow. Here, you’ll join Ned in his specially outfitted, four-wheel drive SUVs for the ride of your life in search of the Grove’s most storied and elusive inhabitant, Big Bear.”

The ride will reach a top speed of 48 miles per hour and have a total track length of 3,990 feet.

It is scheduled to open in 2023, and I’ll certainly be booking a ticket to Tennessee for it.


Coaster Track comes to Mattel Adventure Park

Arizona is going to get a lot more roller coasters.

The upcoming Mattel Adventure park is still under construction, and just recently, some brand new roller coaster track arrived at the park.

YouTube user Coasters and Cosplays posted a construction update of the new toy-themed park, and things appear to be moving along smoothly


Luna Park Breaks Ground on NEW 2022 Attractions.

Image by ABC 7 New York

Luna Park in Brooklyn, New York is moving forward with their expansion plans. After initially being delayed due to the pandemic, the park has broken ground on their upcoming attractions.

These attractions include:

-Sky Chase

-A new ropes course

-A Super Flume ride

-A J2SK Coaster

Also in the pipeline is a Big WaveZ attraction. However, that may end up being delayed to 2023.


Dr. Doom’s Fearfall being Repainted!

After the addition of VelociCoaster, the Universal Orlando resort is ramping up their efforts to improve and modernize the park’s attractions. Sometimes improvements and renovations seem small, but they do wonders in breathing new aesthetic life into the attractions. Seen above is a new paintjob that is underway for the park’s Space Shot attraction.

The account known as Roller Coaster Nerdz was the first to report the news.


Universal Studios Japan Confirmed to Receive Donkey Kong Nintendo World Expansion!

Universal Studios Japan officials have recently confirmed a brand new expansion to their recently-opened Super Nintendo World. This new addition will take guests into the Ape-Tastic world of Donkey Kong.

An official statement reads:

“To further immerse guests into Nintendo’s well-known series of games, Universal Studios Japan will expand the land to include a new area themed after Donkey Kong. The new area will bring to life the world of one of Nintendo’s most beloved games and feature a roller coaster, interactive experiences, themed merchandise and food –and all the fun and excitement of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. Guests will feel like they are playing inside the world of Donkey Kong as they take a walk on the wild side through the lush jungles where Donkey Kong and his friends live. The new area is set to open in 2024.”

Perhaps we will see that long-rumored mine cart coaster at this nee themed area. A man can certainly dream.