Rumors Swirl for New RMC Ride Concept

American coaster manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) has sent waves of excitement through the theme park community with their recent teaser of an upcoming ride design. Rumors are swirling that the renowned company is set to be involved in the much-anticipated refurbishment of the classic dark ride and coaster hybrid, “Fire in The Hole,” at Silver Dollar City theme park in Missouri.

So far, all we have is a teaser image, which appears to reveal a new train design with the RMC logo on it. It is currently unknown if this is a coaster or a powered dark ride, but considering Fire in the Hole’s recent closure and the rumors of RMC’s involvement, it wouldn’t be a surprise if RMC was heading down to Missouri.

As the news of Fire in the Hole’s potential makeover spreads, enthusiasts and park-goers alike are eagerly anticipating what RMC might have in store for this iconic attraction. Although details remain scarce, the ride is said to resemble a roller coaster, leaving fans wondering if it will be an electrifying powered dark ride or something more gravity-based. Regardless, the prospect of RMC’s involvement is enough to spark anticipation for what might be in store.

“Fire in The Hole” has a rich history, having entertained and enthralled over 25 million guests since its construction half a century ago. As one of Silver Dollar City’s beloved attractions, it holds a special place in the hearts of both nostalgic grandparents who recall riding it as children and the younger generation of thrill-seekers who will now have the chance to create new memories aboard the revamped ride.

Silver Dollar City’s website beautifully encapsulates the essence of “Fire in The Hole” with its vivid description of the ride’s storyline. Set in the fictional town of Marmaros, the attraction takes riders on a daring journey to save the town from the notorious gang of Baldknobbers. With fire brigade-like trains, volunteers are called to join the mission of catching the bad guys and rescuing the citizens. The immersive experience introduces passengers to memorable characters like Red Flanders, who sports nothing but his signature red long johns at the hotel, and the frantic tavern owner attempting a quick getaway out the swinging front doors. Along the thrilling ride, guests will catch glimpses of the troublemaking Baldknobbers causing havoc throughout the town.

The ride’s dynamic elements, including crossing the burning Kinney Bridge and narrowly escaping a train coming down the tracks, add layers of excitement and drama to the experience. The splashdown finale gives riders a sense of achievement as they play their part in extinguishing the flaming chaos.

While the details of the refurbishment are yet to be revealed, the prospect of RMC’s involvement in “Fire in The Hole” hints at a revitalization that will breathe new life into this classic attraction. Combining RMC’s expertise in ride design and Silver Dollar City’s timeless storyline, the new and improved ride promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for generations to come.

Silver Dollar City President, Brad Thomas, encourages visitors to be part of the ride’s history, stating, “Today’s riders include grandparents who remember riding when they were kids and now they share the fun with their grandkids! And, this year we are asking you to come share in the fun so that you can say you were a part of Fire In The Hole’s history.”

As anticipation builds and rumors continue to circulate, fans of “Fire in The Hole” and amusement park enthusiasts eagerly await further updates from both Rocky Mountain Construction and Silver Dollar City. One thing is for sure: when RMC and Silver Dollar City come together, magic is bound to happen, and an extraordinary new adventure awaits riders in the heart of Missouri’s popular theme park.


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